Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pill Identifier

With hundreds of thousands of different pharmaceuticals on the market, it is no surprise that many people need a pill identifier to help them out. The original pill identifier, the Physician’s Desk Reference, can still be very useful, but what happens if you want to use a pill identifier for a drug you don’t know the name of? Rather than pulling out your credit card to visit a doctor, there are now online tools that can be used.

Pill identifier tool

Of course, first and foremost you should ask a pharmacist if you need a pill identifier. Pharmacists are human, though, and they can make mistakes. It is a very good idea, when you get home with any prescription, to use a pill identifier to ensure you have the right prescription. Many pills with very different uses look very similar. Additionally, many pills that look very different can, in fact, be the same drug.


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