Thursday, April 29, 2010

Restore Stephen Baldwin

Taking a serious interest in Steven Baldwin, tonight's ending to South Park was a reference to help 'towels everywhere. Which lead to this very interesting website that perhaps is one of the strangest ever:

A website dedicated to the Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin. Not a fan site mind you but an actual donation site set up to help pay the bills of the celebrity. According to the site once the actor took to God a few years back, he was shunned by Hollywood and has ended up broke.

Is this true? There is no 'official' word from the celebrity about this, but the site is run by an individual who says it is so. Thousands of people jammed this site last night as the very ending of the South Park references it.

In the end, the towel gets the rehab and lives happily ever after (no we aren't talking Baldwin here, we are talking the blue towel on South Park.) Luckily the washcloth gets his family back too. As for Baldwin, he got slapped in the face...yep with a towel.


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