Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eddie Aikau 2011

Eddie Aikau 2011, Legend has it that Eddie Aikau is always at night. And it may well happen that in Waimea Bay on the night of Wednesday 19 to Thursday, January 20, 2011 (count 11 hour time difference from Hawaii to 21 hours with us, it was not until 10 am there). All lights are flashing and the organizers are on a war footing in case of waves over 20 feet in favor of big wave riding would be to go tomorrow morning (tomorrow night for us).

But it is not enough of a “mammoth swell” off to Waimea wakes. It is necessary that this wave be well positioned with a northwest. If the swell is “too western”, it is mitigated by the island of Kauai which absorbs some of its passage. This is what happened to the session last Sunday in Waimea, where the waves were much leaner than expected. It is also particularly important that the winds are favorable. It has happened in the past that swell enough to launch the Eddie is tempered by an unfavorable wind.

George Downing, the contest director, is aware of these hazards and said: “Let us not forget that we are not dealing here with a concrete stage to the competition. Surfers and major events are 100% dependent on many shades as the nature and even the latest sophisticated technology cannot predict with accuracy. We just say that there is the potential for waves of more than 6 meters. Maybe we will launch the contest, perhaps we do not launch, but in any case we will be ready when the bay will tell us the good day (“the bay calls the Day”). This is how this event is so special. We’ll do exactly what Eddie and big wave surfers have been doing for years: to observe the evolution of the swell, be ready, and waking up in the morning to see what the day brings. ”

“The latest forecasts for the North Shore Surfline Hawaii are very optimistic with a surfboard called good or epic. For Thursday, January 20, 2011, are announced waves of 25-30 feet (7.5 meters to 9 meters) with possible series to 40 feet (over 12 meters!) In some spots … The peak of the swell should be achieved in the morning before a very gradual decrease throughout the day. Pat Caldwell gives his weather forecast in the YouTube video below. If these forecasts are confirmed, there are thousands of spectators who are expected to attend the show with big traffic problems and to provide parking on the side of Waimea Bay.


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