Monday, January 24, 2011

Michael Copon

Michael Copon: It looks like Kim is definitely over Reggie Bush and Miles Austin — for her, New York is all about meeting a new guy! Kourtney says, “Kim is the most boy-crazy girl I’ve ever seen” and I would have to agree! On one of their first nights in New York, Kim drags Kourtney out to a club so she can check out the guys. She ends up seeing Michael Copon, an actor she used to work with — but even though she thinks he’s really cute, she refuses to make the first move. When her friend Carla brings Michael over to Kim, I don’t think she could repeat that she’s single any more times, but Michael isn’t taking the hint and doesn’t ask for her number — so Carla puts his number in Kim’s phone!

When the girls head over to their Dash store, Kanye West makes a guest appearance! Kim is super flirty with Kanye, although she says they’ve just been friends for a while. After they meet up, Kim looks online and sees the dating rumors about the two and gets annoyed. This definitely doesn’t seem like this is the last time we’ll see Kanye on the show.

Meanwhile, Scott and Kourtney are doing great together, for once. So great, in fact, that they decide to move back in together — a decision that makes Kim furious. Kourtney and Kim get in a fight about it at the gym, because Kim thought that New York was going to be her and Kourtney’s ‘alone time’. Kourtney calls Kim a drama queen, and I kind of have to agree with her — it seemed like Kim was just jealous that she was single and Kourtney wasn’t.

To get her mind off of the fight with her sister, Kim ends up calling Michael herself, even though she’s never asked a guy out before or made the first move. You can tell how nervous she is about asking him on a date — I can’t believe that even someone like Kim Kardashian gets nervous about calling a guy! Of course, Michael agrees, and they go on a cute date to Serendipity. Things are going so well that Kim even invites him back up to her hotel room! But when Michael leans in for the kiss, Kim only lets him kiss her cheek.

In the end, Kim actually ends up apologizing to Kourtney and admitting that she was wrong and was acting selfish. Kim, Kourtney and Scott are all getting along — but I’m sure that won’t last! I can’t wait to see all of the drama that’s going to happen this season, and all of the guys Kim is going to meet!


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