Sunday, January 16, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg

Facebook has been taking the world by storm for quite sometime. I remember when it was just for people that had school emails. I was always so mad that I couldn’t join. I wonder if Randi Zuckerberg had something to do with the open to the world change.

Randi Zuckerberg is a beautiful young lady. She is also the sister of Mark Zuckerberg. She was born in 1982 and is now the marketing director of facebook. Randi Zuckerberg you’ve got a pretty sweet job for being so young.

Well there is not too much surprise when it comes to young success since her brother who made facebook was only born in 1984. These young people have made quite a pretty penny off facebook. There are millions of users that use facebook. I am sure that Randi Zuckerberg (who enjoys Singing, Broadway Musicals, Running half marathons and traveling the world ) has her hands full.


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