Monday, January 24, 2011

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey
Mary Harvey, the ex-wife of Steve Harvey, is taking shots at the King of Comedy, claiming that he was unfaithful, left her for his new wife and left her without a home after the divorce.

Through a series of YouTube videos, Mary is airing all of the dirty laundry involving her defunct marriage, giving damaging details about Steve’s cheating ways and his speedy retreat to his new wife, Marjorie Harvey.

“Once he realized I was going to divorce him, he walked out the door … went right to New York, to our apartment that we had there, which I never got to see by the way, and then she joined him there,” explains Mary.

Besides the infidelity, Mary also asserts that Steve attempted to turn their 12-year-old son, Wynton, against her.

“He took my Wynton, took my Winton from me,” Mary. “He turned my Wynton against me.”

Adding insult to injury, Mary claims that Steve also masterminded her eviction and left her financially destitute.

“[He] had me evicted from my house, thrown out,” explains Mary. “All the businesses, all the money, the cars, at a moment when I was down, I was down and devastated, he maneuvered everything, he manipulated the courts, everything against me.”

Apparently, the legal battle between the two is far from done as Mary is claiming that Steve is currently suing her because, as she asserts, he believes that she is the reason that he was denied a show by Oprah Winfrey.


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