Monday, January 17, 2011

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots star quarterback, needed to deliver another classic performance after falling behind 14-3 to the New York Jets in Sunday's AFC divisional playoff clash.

Unfortunately for Patriots fans, Brady just didn't have it in him. While Brady was able to mount a bit of a comeback, it proved not to be enough, as the Jets would win 28-21.

Brady wasn't his usual accurate self from the opening kickoff, throwing an interception on the Pats' first possession that nearly resulted in a Jets field goal.

Thanks to a pass rush that resulted in three first-quarter sacks, Brady seldom looked comfortable in the pocket, often showing happy feet before things had really gotten out of hand around him.

Because of this, Brady's usual pinpoint precision was just a bit off, as he frequently threw to the inside of receivers who broke and looked to the outside for the pass.

While he finished a respectable 29-of-42, and threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns, anyone who saw him last night could see something was off.


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