Monday, January 17, 2011

Vision Airlines

Vision Airlines, A charter airline based in Atlanta will begin selling tickets for a commercial service scheduled for Tuesday, largely targeting travelers searching for Florida vacation cheap.

Vision Airlines flies to 20 destinations in the United States, including through Tampa Bay St. Petersburg-Clearwater International on April 1.

The carrier will offer non-stop flights only Fort Walton Beach, the peninsula of Florida. It will also be the only direct flights to Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi, after AirTran Airways arrest three weekly direct flights from Tampa International in early March.

Vision is selling one-way fares as low and 49 for the first five days. Regular rates of St. Petersburg-Clearwater will begin at 89 and one lane in Gulfport and $ 79 for Destin.

Focus of the company is Destiny, long popular beach near Fort Walton Beach for summer vacationers States Southeast. Almost all the region 8 million annual visitors drive. That’s because major airlines are small-town travelers fly through major hubs on the jets tiny ridiculously high prices, said David Meers, Chief Vision Officer of Operations.

“These markets are ignored by the major carriers,”he said.” There are so few flight that people had to endure a long journey.”

Vision fly full-size Boeing 737 to link 17 cities – from Miami to Niagara Falls and Little Rock in Savannah – with non-stop service to Destiny.

New roads will also increase air travel within Florida, “said Greg Donovan, director of Northwest Florida Regional Airport Fort Walton Beach. The airport does not have one flight to another city in Florida until Vision has launched a service to Miami in December. In April, the airline will fly to Tampa Bay, Orlando and Fort. Myers as well.

Vision Airlines began flying in 1994-guided tours of the Grand Canyon. The private company has acquired larger aircraft and flew charters for celebrities and the federal government.

Vision attracted international attention last summer for his role in a spy swap. The airline flew 10 Russian spies Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia Vienna, Austria, where they were traded for four people convicted of spying for the West.

In November, a U.S. District Court in Nevada jury awarded former airline pilots and flight attendants and more than 4.5 million risk premium return over night flights from Afghanistan and Iraq government in Las Vegas newspaper reported.

Vision is also familiar with the friendly skies in St. Petersburg-Clearwater International. The airline began flying to Gulfport-Biloxi a year ago, for customers who purchased vacation packages from the Beau Rivage resort and casino.

Vision Airlines, a company that began by giving tours of the Grand Canyon, will begin offering commercial flights in 20 cities in the United States on Tuesday, promising to save time and money on leisure getaways in Florida.

Vision said the tariffs, some of the lowest first and 49 in one direction, will go on sale Tuesday for travel between the communities of northwest Florida beach cities like Baton Rouge, Knoxville, Tennessee and Little Rock from March 25.

Flights to business travelers forth between Louisville and Atlanta began on December 13 while service between Miami and Northwest Florida and Niagara Falls, New York, launched on December 17.

The carrier, based in Suwanee, Georgia is taking a page from the playbook of Allegiant, one of the most profitable companies in the country by a non-stop flight from smaller cities and tourist resorts offering holidaymakers by a single sale packages that include everything from hotel rooms to car rentals.

“If Allegiant Airlines Coke, then there has always been to be a Pepsi,” says David Meers, COO of Vision. “Our goal is not to support the aviation sector. This is not to exit and tries to push the major carriers in the eyes. We believe there is a slot available on the market to provide … offer to consumers at reduced prices. ”

Low tariffs, non-stop service and tractor-trailers – advantages enjoyed most often by airmen across the major hubs – will be key, Meers said.

“We’ll fly in cities that have been neglected by the major carriers with large aircraft for a number of years,” Meers said, adding that many visitors to the main tourist resorts of Destin and Fort Walton Beach in the north-west Florida often lead to avoid connecting flights and high fares.



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