Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wes Welker Foot Interview

Wes Welker Foot Interview, Rex Ryan can take your best shot, Wes Welker. The Jets coach said he would not talk about the scandal’s alleged foot ftish Welker that made veiled reference to his press conference Thursday, but Ryan said he could handle it.

“With Wes Welker, well, I think it’s a huge game rivalry type and something happens. I can take it,” Ryan said Friday. “I will not discuss it, but I can take it. ”

Obviously, nothing is off limits now. Welker take pictures with the supposed favorite of the coach, there are no limits in the war of words between the two main rivals in Sunday’s game in the playoffs in the division.

In his press conference on Thursday Welker managed to work the words “foot”, “feet” or “fingers” 11 times.

It seemed to refer to the scandal that Ryan finds himself earlier this month, when several feet – and S-EX-ually oriented ftish videos and photos of a woman who looks like Ryan’s wife Michelle surface on the Internet.

Since the first images released last month, the subject has been taboo for the coach. He always refused to comment, calling it a “personal matter”.
Even a Boston newspaper got into the fray ftish, taking a front – shot to the top coach. Metro Boston, a commuter newspaper, Ryan had the smiling face is bordered by a collage of feet on each side on its front page Friday morning. The headline: “Why will the Pats – Jets Feet.
Welker, smile, declined to comment when asked Friday to clarify the intent of his comments. However, Ryan and his players seemed to recognize the most recent photo and most obvious in the war of words between the teams.

As usual, the outspoken Ryan threw the first barb. Earlier this week, he called Sunday’s game “personal” between him and Bill Belichick. The Patriots coach, who had pointedly reminded his team not to get into a verbal battle with the Jets this week, responded with a hit to the circumference of Ryan. He said that if the coaches have played, it would be a step ahead of Ryan with his speed.

Then things got heated when cornerback Antonio Cromartie Jets said he took exception to quarterback Tom Brady Patriots pointing and gestures to avoid Gang Green after a touchdown pass in their clash in December. He called Brady an “a – hole,” and said he hated him.
Brady said a little lightly. Cromartie said he was a “good player”, but makes sure to add that Darrelle Revis has been a “great player.”

Thursday, Welker used his press conference to raise the chatter. Welker not only that Revis had “good feet,” and “big feet, he said the Patriots were still” making a good start. ”
His barbs laugh especially the Jets.

Center Nick Mangold said Welker joking with tonight tweet Friday:
“Welker is a great player. He used to watch film. If we do not keep a watch on him, he could really open the door.”

Mangold use the words “Spy” and “Gate” are obvious references to Spygate, 2007, when the Jets accused the Patriots of filming their signals from the sideline.

Veteran fullback Tony Richardson laughed and said now he can say he has seen everything in the speech competition. “I actually did my show on SNY Saturday and that’s how we opened the show and I laughed,” said Richardson. “Yeah, it’s personal, but there were some pictures taken this week. It is what it is. It’s playoffs, nothing surprises me. ”


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