Friday, April 30, 2010

Gerry Ryan

One of Ireland’s leading broadcasters, Gerry Ryan, 53, was found dead in his apartment in Dublin today.
As for now, no further details had been detailed, but it’s sure to speak that no foul play had happened. He was found in his bedroom after officers were called to the scene when a friend of him couldn’t gain access to his apartment, related by one of the senior Garda source.

Gerry Ryan, born on June 4, 1956, has quite few shows like the Gerry Ryan Show which began in 1988, and swiftly became one of Ireland’s most popular radio programs. Ryan has also hosted several t
elevision series including Secrets, Ryantown, Gerry Ryan Tonight, Gerry Ryan’s Hitlist and Ryan Confidential.

Ryan was considered to be a motor-mouth shock jock. The Gerry Ryan Show has been the subject of several upheld complaints to the broadcasting complaints commission although once escaped punishment when he wondered if God was a bollocks aloud live on air. “Tragically it is true. So terribly shocking and sad. Life is just too cruel sometimes. RIP,” one of his colleagues tweeted.

An amazing broadcaster and unreserved character he has, he will be sorely missed by all of us.


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