Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quail Hollow Championship 2010

For many, any news that involves Tiger Woods is old. Fans have grown weary of the Tiger-Tale it seems. However, if you want to talk Tiger Woods and the Quail Hollow Championship, you can probably find some takers. Some things just never grow old.
As it is though, Tiger doesn’t look too wonderful. He has put his balls in the water on the 17th and 18th holes already this morning. That kind of golfing will get you no where except possibly seven shots behind the frontrunners. With that, Phil Mickelson hits the course in about an hour and the world will surely be watching to see if he can handle the Quail Hollow Championship 2010 any better than Tiger has thus far.
The Quail Hollow Championship 2010 is only the second PGA event for Tiger Woods since his horrible off-the-course adventures were made public.. And, in the first go at it, he managed to set a personal record in round one only to lose is grip later in the weekend. Thus far this morning, the Quail Hollow Championship 2010 hasn’t been very kind to the troubled golfer. Hopefully he can at least get his on-the-course act together before moving much further into the season.


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