Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jamie Chua

Jamie Chua , Charlie Adam Liverpool , Jamie Cauca; Jamie Chua Cauca Jamie is a former Singapore Airlines stewardess SIA. He married a wealthy Indonesian businessman Nurdi Cauca.

She is Indonesian Chinese based in Singapore. A large number of people looking on google to confirm the news of the divorce Jamie Cauca. According to media sources, and her husband Jamie Cauca, Cauca Nurdi filed for divorce in February last year. Cauca and Cauca Nurdi Jamie have been married for 15 years, citing “unreasonable behavior” of separation.

Jamie Cauca, Cauca Nurdi assets include two houses in Sentosa Cove and Hong Kong for $ 14.6 million, 79.2 million in shares of a private company, your wine collection and his three cars – a Lamborghini , a Porsche and Ferrari. Jamie Cauca have been successfully applied for her former husband shortly Nurdi Cauca asset value of $ 93 million to be frozen, while seeking $ 450,000 per month in maintenance. Nurdi Cauca appealed against the decision, which will be heard before the Supreme Court in February.

Most Singaporeans are aware of ‘Home’, already a major theme sung by veteran singer Kit Chan. Come Total Defence Day, celebrated on February 15, the song will be a new version. This new version features the voices of 39 singers from the region, making it the first local song with the highest number of 39 singers collaborators.These span across different generations, from 1960 to 2000. Apart from Kit, the original singer of the song, other artists of local singers Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, Tanya Chua, Olivia Ong, Maggie Teng, Rahimah Rahim and music producers Wu Jia Wei Ming and Song Lee. Kit is also the executive producer for the clip.
Source: http://www.hollywood91.com/01/jamie-chua-charlie-adam-liverpool-jamie-cauca.html


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  1. I think it is Wu Jia Ming and Lee Wei Song, not Wu Jia Wei Ming and Song Lee


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