Monday, January 24, 2011

Nygh Lms

Nygh Lms: I use the computer more often now because of NYGH LMS! It's this internet portal, made by in IT people. Only in nanyang. Teachers upload stuff there. Quite regularly, you print out stuff from there and yeah. That system is cool, except when it HANGS. Then, it sucks. You can't even cancel that window. -.- And it's happening NOW. Oh well, nevermind. I have time to blog now and go msn. OH wait, maybe I shouldn't. I'll get carried away, far far away. Hahaha.

And there's also this online thing we have to go to every week for French. Even more time to blog. (: There are lots of stuff to see there, hear too, audio files available to download.

I don't know if anyone realise that but I suck in French, I just pass for everything. Well, at LEAST, I passed. I'm gonna start revising my French A LOT. Not like it's gonna change a thing. >.< The class is nice, mostly because I sit next to Claudia and when we do PAIR WORK, it's really really FUNNY. Sadly, VERY sadly, she's going drop French at the end of this term, 3 more lessons, i can't believe she's counting down to it. -.-

I'll be so bored, no partner, and I am SO NOT partnering with the TEACHER, who is a French. And if I buy Coke during recess, she can hear me burp all day. It was REALLY FUNNY last week. Oh please, let me have a nice partner, who is not so cold and boring and only talks to me when there's pair work!

Gah, I need to start revising my french online now and open another window for the LMS.

Au Revoir! (;


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