Saturday, January 15, 2011

Royal Marshall

Royal Marshall, Raymond Marshall Royal,”the team syndicated radio talk show Neal Boortz as a friend and engineer, died.

Pete Spriggs, Program Director for AM750 and now 95.5 FM News / Talk WSB said he collapsed at his home in Atlanta and was pronounced dead at Grady Hospital at about 1 o’clock Saturday morning.

Assistant Program Director Condac Pressley said it was too early to identify the cause of death. He was 43.

“It was a good man,” she said. “I can not believe he’s gone.”

Marshall worked with Boortz for 17 years, according to the biography WSB Radio Marshall.

Originally from St. Louis and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1992, he made his debut as WSB radio operator working aboard overnight. Shortly after, he joined as an engineer and operator Boortz board.

In 1996 he started his own radio show called “The Royal Treatment,” which lasted several years, especially at night.

After his show ended, he continued to work with Boortz, who is heard on hundreds of stations nationwide.

“There are no words available to express my personal sense of loss when switching from ‘Royal Marshall”,” Boortz said in a statement released this morning. “It is no exaggeration to say that I loved this man as if he were my own brother. Royal had an unparalleled sense of humor and quick wit makes him a natural choice for radio, and his dedication to his colleagues and friends has been exceeded only by his intense devotion to his family. Our program, WSB Radio and the whole family has Cox lost part of his soul that day. ”

Royal Raymond Marshall, producer Neal Boortz Radio emission, died suddenly at his home in Atlanta Saturday morning. He was 43. His wife Annette and two daughters, Amira, 4, and Ava, 2, survive Marshall.

Marshall collapsed at his home. Paramedics responded to the call from his wife in 911, but were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead Saturday morning at Grady Hospital.

“For 15 years he has been,” Royal and Belinda “said Belinda Skelton, executive producer Neal Boortz Show. “My other half has gone. I do not know if I can sit and watch someone else on the other side of this glass.”


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